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Removal of condition

-Removal of Conditions (ROC):
Generally, USCIS issues 10 Years Green Card to a Permanent Resident of  United States. However, certain beneficiaries(a spouse of a U.S citizen if the the Green Card is approved within 2 years of marriage if the Petition for Green Card is based on the marriage AND an investor under EB5) are granted “Conditional” 2 Years Green Card. What that means is that, the beneficiary’s  Green Card is conditioned upon proving to USCIS that the marriage or investment as the case may be IS not a sham after all.
The Conditional Green Card holder is expected within 90 days from the expiration of the 2 Years to apply to USCIS to remove the condition and be conferred with permanent resident status evidenced by issuance of 10 Years Green Card renewable every 10 years